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MBBS (Melb), MA (Cantab) (Law), CHIA, AICGG, MAICD, MCHSM

Independent Clinical Governance and Medico-legal Consulting,  

Dr Melanie Tan Consulting

Melanie has diverse experiences over 25 years as a medical practitioner locuming in public hospitals (until 2018), and as a lawyer in medical negligence and aged care (until 2021).  She has also been a medico-legal adviser for medical defence organisations, supporting her medical peers around day-to-day challenges encountered in their practice.  Melanie has also been on the board of a large provider of aged care, disability and consumer services, and a member of its Great Client Experience Committee.  

Melanie consults in clinical governance broadly – in aged care, community services, disability, local councils, community mental health and digital health.  Melanie has also had the poignant experience of being a co-carer at home in a palliative situation, which adds a profound layer of insight and empathy in her approach to clinical governance.  

Melanie assists organisations to manage clinical governance and risk, ensuring they are “right-sized” for their service, clinical risk profile and strategic direction.  Melanie is driven to ensure the voices of the patient, consumer, clinician and non-clinical carer are heard throughout all levels of the organisation - and considered not only in key strategic decisions, but in decisions made everyday at the point of care.

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